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Mind you, this is a survey, not a commitment. You do not have to buy anything here.

Are you interested in professional horoscopes?
....and get them for less than you would normally pay!

With OpenAstro you can see your horoscope, but would it not be even better to get a matching interpretation?

What can you do with a horoscope?

It is very useful to have a horoscope and get to know yourself a little better for many reasons:

Did you not, as many people, say to yourself at certain times: if I had known earlier in my life what I know now, I could have achieved this or that, or: I would not have had this awfull experience.

And this refers to self knowledge. You can sometimes go in al kind of directions and sideways that do not fit you, in which you cannot be very successful because you can only be so in what really matches your genuine personality.
And think of partners, in love or in business.

Blueprint of possibilities

It really is like reading a blueprint of your possibilities and how to overcome some obstacles that are your learning process so that you can live the right life for you.

Help you choose the right job or companions, see what themes are actually taking place in your life right now, so that you know on what things to focus or how to interpret what is happening.

For instance you can see that your social life is affected by big changes or your outlook on work or yourself, because of that specific planet going through that specific house at that period..

So our team is working on the release of different types of horoscopes, but it would not be OpenAstro if we did not ask what you, our respected client, would like.

A professional consultation

This is actually quite a lot of work if you want to do it well, and to take yourself as a client serious in this, asks for a certain commitment so that there is a genuine exchange of values.

We very much appreciate if you would fill in the form below and send it back to us.

Gift to you:

As a present you get a very thorough description of your sun sign if you tell us what that is, or better even-so that we can also take into account your influences on the sun sign-, give us your birth dates.

Birth date, time and place:

Email address:

What kind of horoscopes are you interested in?

  • General
  • Work-life
  • Love-life
  • Karmic Horoscope*
  • Characteristics of your relationship
  • Themes taking place in your life now

* This karmic horoscope is very profound and a speciality of our team. It gives you a view of hard to get underneath the surface (or above what your regular consciousness can easily grasp) information about core aspects of your being. That is because your being is an entity beyond time and place, but with a certain mission in this specific incarnation.

We do sometimes use also clairvoyant knowlegde ( 2 members of our team can) but also some astrologers have rediscovered certain laws by which you can see karmic patterns in a horoscope.

For instance there are certain relations between planets (to be for instance seen as degrees in the angel between them in a horoscope) that evolve in a specific way overtime through different incarnations.

Would you appreciate getting a personalised contact with our astrologers, to get more personal details? Yes No

Would you like this by:

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Telephone / Skype

What would you want to pay for a general horoscope, considering the fact that an average consult costs normally from 150 up to 500 euro

  • 80 euro
  • 50 euro
  • Less, that is:

A specialised horoscope, not automated and looked at by the astrologer personally

  • 150 euro
  • 100 euro
  • 80 euro
  • Less, that is:

A personal in depth talk

  • 180 euro
  • 150 euro
  • 100 euro
  • 80 euro
  • Less, that is:

Thank you very much and weĺl send you your sun sign description as our Open Astro- thank-you gift...
We wil also start posting articles on astrology soon.
Hope to meet you ! Try to live to your full potential.
Best wishes on your journey.

the Open Astro team.